Thursday, August 11, 2011

my two nieces and three nephews..

April Sleepover in Dago

May Situ Lembang Excursion

June Hangout Drama
Starring Keisha and Azka

Featuring Ayizz

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Bridge of Sigh - Cambridge from Wawa's Lomo

I found website last night, and it gives a handful of information for making a trip by train in Europe. Access in this website is so fast and has a costumer friendly design, that make it easily to use. They also offer several different type of Train passes (for a fee - around 300-1000 USD), that could be use for international visitor to travel in more than 17 European countries. It allows the tourist to have unlimited travel around Europe with train (high speed train like "Thalys", "ICE", or "Eurostar", need addtional fee around 6.5 to 100 euro) for certain days (from 3 days to 3 months), isn't that great??

check out your self:
and enjoy your trip in europe

Friday, May 20, 2011

I missed April

May almost over... and I haven't write anything since April..

I've been in my hometown this past month..
i should go back to Manchester next week but i don't think i could make it in time.

I have this compulsion of delaying my work, and put my self on the edge of trouble.

I wonder if there is any medication for this kind of behaviour..

Dear the all mighty, please help me!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

3 shots from February

Morcambe Pier

First Bloomer on Spring 2011 - Bourham Rd

Lancaster Canal - Hest Bank


Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Invention of Lying

I was trying to write a comment under the invention of lying the movie.
but i failed. I have written quite much. i hate to rewrite it again.
Nevertheless here i am trying to rewrite what's on my mind about that movie for the second time.

If you haven't watch that movie, you probably wouldn't understand all of it.

The Invention of lying the movie is reflecting a secular idea. The message they want to share to the world is that God doesn't exist, that Jesus or any other prophets (there's a scene in this film the male lead role (they made him) obviously looked like Jesus) are just people who are lying about talking to God and there's no such thing as the life after death.

To be fair, no one really knows what do they have to face after their death. Even someone who said that we are all just going to be soil fertiliser after we are dead. They do not know it for sure, it is just their opinion, because they are still alive (at least when they made the statement) not dead yet, and they cannot prove their opinion. not even science.

Science is invented by human being, it is still growing. They are trying to understand how the universe worked and also creating things, that could be helpful for human, and "the rest of the world" (green peace people). some scientists admit that the nature inspire them. like how the camera maker trying to refine their camera's result through learning on how our eyeballs worked. How complex is this natural eyes work, they have to study it for decades or even centuries, and yet they haven't created a camera that work as good as our eyes.

not too mention millions other living creature from an unseen flu virus to a giant whale inside the ocean and all other "natural" things in this universe, billions of stars in the sky or the grass in the field.

how do they get there?? they were here before the modern science we believe so much is invented.

well, the evolutionist might answer it with, it's all happening by chances.

however, when you think about it, is it possible if i throw cables, plastic, aluminium and all other material together to make a computer (for instance) at some point by chances i will make a computer, or try something as simple as spectacles, if i throw lenses, and wires all together, do you think if i throw it over an over, at some point "by chances" i will make a spectacles. i will broke it after several attempts i guess..

it surely won't, never ever, not even in a million years.

please, do think about it.


remember it's from billions of years ago and everyone will die sooner or later

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Battle

In life, obstacles often appear when we want to reach our goals. These obstacles could come from out side or in side an individual. The ability to endure and sustain while fighting for our goal is the key to success. What happen to people who don't have those qualities in them? Most of them will stop trying before they reach their goal. They give up! They mightn't realize that they are already closer to their goal, and they could find something that they have been looking for. Is there any special training to pick up these qualities? So that we would be able to have an iron will in our heart, that no mountain to high, or no river to wide, that could stop us from getting what we want.

This might look ambitious to you, but we do need to have this ambition or I'd rather use the term 'iron will' in a moderate way to survive. or else we could be like foams in the ocean, having no sense of direction.

Enriched your knowledge! that's the first step toward endurance. A strong will come from a solid knowledge. If we really know and understand what we want, it could be by knowing all the benefits from what we want, along with that the will is build up. The deeper you know, the stronger it gets.

May the All Mighty give us those qualities and let us find the true happiness in life and the hereafter.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Patience in Lancaster

The oxford dictionary explain the word patience as the ability to accept or tolerate delay...
now I am in a place where patience is the only solution for my problem... (this is my blog, so i can write anything i want right?)
oo for crying out loud.. it's so not easy..

it's only been two weeks after that day.. i knew i was going to put my self in trouble.. and why did i do that?? o ya.. it's because of Allah.. or i thought i did.. i have followed my heart after i prayed and made doa.. but where am I now??
i need to learn to listen to my heart carefully.. coz maybe i might have heard it wrong..... Oh The All Mighty.. please help me!

after i went back from NYC on 10th of jan 2011.. i spent most of my time worrying about my projects.. until i finally finished it a day before the deadlines: 18th , 19th, and 24th.. in between those time i managed to enhance my knowledge in Islam and rebuild my eeman by reading some of the article from brother moait.. though some said he's not recommended.. but his words can get me do good stuff for my deen.. so i guess it's still better than nothing..

then on 15th.. i told her about this issue.. she did her job, and looked into it .. and contacted me again a week later.. i said i was busy with school work, so i promised her to give what she wants on tuesday the 25th which is my profile.. i wasn't so sure at that time.. but i did it too.. coz i think if we're not meant to be together then that would be it.. (whilst abandon the other option that might happen)

tadaaa... three days later (on friday the 28th).. another email came.. with his profile in it.... i was in manchester at that time Salford University Engineering building to be exact.... reading that email was like getting a whack on my tummy. ugghh!
i got anxious.. i called her right away.. she tried to calm me down and asked me to pray and make doa to Allah..
I did what she said.. i prayed my first jumat pray there.. and prayed istikarah afterward... and made doa... that got me thinking all day long....... by midnight i found peace on my mind.. and text her about the answer to my pray... she arranged a meeting then we met on sunday afternoon at her house..

btw i was staying in uni dewi's dorm room for 4 days while i was in manchester that week, i arrived on the 27th, went to ashton doing god know what.. hehehe then to uni's place around 9 pm. The next day we went shopping in arndale, and on sat the 29th i went crazy on my own again.. coz she couldn't handle the way i did my things.. well these feet and mind is well trained since i was a little girl...astagfirullah...

back to sunday meeting (on the 30th).. at first there were a lot of silent moments.. but then as the situation got warmer.. i became more comfortable to talk and express my self. it didn't end until late, so many things we had to talk about that made us had to stay over night... this beautiful girl, let me stay in her room.. thanks sweetie...

monday morning came (31st) I went back to lancaster with this new possibilities for my life... I talked to my mom about it..
i made a lot of doa and prays.. until it's all clear on friday february 4th..

I was looking forward to live in US after this master's course is finished but now i've changed... meeting this new person has changed me..

however those (1 supervised meeting, and 1 supervised phone call, 2 times unsupervised chatting, and supervised series of email) are as far as we can go for now.. my father wont marry me until i finish my study.. o thee father.. if only you can see how your little girl is not so little anymore. . that she need him to complete what's missing in her life.

now she need to suck it all in and continue her study.. one deadline on wednesday the 16th
monday the 14th the dissertation proposal need to be done..
but instead of working on it, i wrote this ( writing here is helping her to deal with all these problems... how can it be possible? that is just her thing)

different topics:
I am still waiting for my railcard to come.. i've been travelling to manchester 3 times (jan 15th, 27th and feb 12th) without railcard and waste good amount of money.. i sent out the application on feb 4th.. i hope it'll arrived soon

I opened another bank account on jan 21st.. for insurance, international student ID and rail card..

dear my self,
hey don't judge me, at least i wrote again this month, i tried as detail as i could and it's not as bad as last year..
keep in touch fiiuuhh